Something for the old school fans and something to play on people’s feelings just entered the market. Some time ago I wrote about the fact that any moment and on the market we will get remake of the world-famous and indestructible Nokia 3310. As if someone does not know, is this charming brick harder than a diamond, in famous marine housing. Let’s face it, Nokia 3310 had almost everyone. I must admit that when I first heard about it, that this model will return to the market as a remake, I thought that at least will look like its predecessor. Strongly I miscalculated and probably not just me. The entire network says, that this is not what they expected.

It turns out that if someone does not tell me that this phone is a remake of the Nokia 3310, I will probably do not recognise it.

The phone looks quite different. Like some futuristic … I will not say what. Look absolutely does not refer to what took place over a decade ago. We now have to deal with such a small soap dish or a toy for a child. Yea, it has display, hard buttons, as some years ago. Of course, it brings to mind the classic, which appeared on the market in 1996-2005, but not Nokia 3310. I would say that it is more suited to the style of the old Sagem’s.

The phone will be made by HMD and Nokia only add its logo.The agreement, which we have many of them in the mobile market. However, this raises the question among active users. Most of the haters immediately begin to wonder whether the use of the name of the Nokia 3310 is not a marketing exercise. At the end of the phone look different from what you remember, the manufacturer will also be different. So, what exactly is a standard Nokia 3310?

Remake will be smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

Remake will be equipped in 2.4 inches QVGA screen. Well, that did not happen Nokia 3310 with 5.1 inch screen version, because of what I would laugh the whole evening. Of course, about our old-new Nokia we know ever more. Phone will be also equipped with a 2MP camera. Nothing exciting, but in the end is the Nokia 3310. The original version had no camera at all. In addition, we will get support for a microSD card. We will also get operating system specific to the Nokia family of 30+. There will then no Android or Windows. This is what does not enjoy us too much. For me, I would put more on the old school look and better and newer system. Although, if the idea was to release a Nokia phone that will hold a little longer battery, so Android would not be a good solution. According to the manufacturer it is to keep about 25 days a vigil, so exorbitantly longer than modern smartphones. Moreover, we can talk on device for 22 hours without recharging. There is no possibility that any smartphone had such a performance. Unless, we would decide to with 2 kg power-bank.

For a long time I tried to find out, what connects the Nokia 3310 (2017) with its great predecessor. After some time, I was able to discern a common part. I do not know if I enjoy, or cry, or… spread my hands in a gesture of helplessness. It turns out that this year’s remake will be able to play our Snake. It argues, however, the price and battery. Remake will cost only 49 EUR (about Rs. 3 500), what is very low price.