SSD drive can increase the performance of your computer a lot. I know that this solution is more expensive that the classic hard disk drive, but SSD drive is worth its price. Thanks to lack of mechanic components, they are also less susceptible to physical damage. Therefore, the main manufacturers improve this technology and constantly work on new solutions.

Benchlife service has published very interesting information about new SSD drives from Intel. It looks that Intel will launch on the market in April this year the first series of drives with NAND Flash TLC chips. This solution has already been used by other manufacturers, but Intel was not up to its somehow convinced. You can see that it did not take long, and also Intel persuaded to this technique. As far, they preferred to use MLC chips in models dedicated for home users.

New Intel SSD 540 series will have TLC chips manufactured by Hynix in 16 nm technology. Silicon Motion SM2256 controller will be also used, you can find it for example in Crucial BX200 drive. The maximum reading speed will be 560 MB/s, and writing will be up to 480 MB/s. In the official Intel’s document, you can find that seven versions of standard 2.5” model will be available, i.e.  80 GB, 120 GB, 180 GB, 240 GB, 360 GB, 480 GB and 1 TB. Unfortunately, the prices are unknown, but the premiere should be somewhen in April.

Intel SSD 540