This is not a joke! I know that nowadays everyone listen the favourite music on smartphone and people love to have everything on a single device. This is true, we use our mobiles for calling, texting (SMS or some IM), video watching (from YouTube), music listening (Spotify), gaming, news reading and Internet browsing. I use also my phone as a calendar and a clock. I bet that I have missed something. Therefore, this is little strange for me that Sony has decided to manufacture new Walkman.

Do you remember these portable cassette players? The idea was to have your favourite music with you then you were e.g. walking on the street. Of course, you had to carry cassettes with you. Of course, Apple has also had an influence on this market and they have released successful series of music player called iPod. However, people prefer to use a smartphone as the portable music player. For whom is the new Walkman from Sony?


New Sony Walkman NW-WM1Z is designed for audiophiles, i.e. people who will appreciate high quality sound.

The full official name of new Walkman is Premium Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio and it is build from high quality materials like oxygen free cooper and it is able to play studio quality music which is much higher than normal CD audio quality. This is possible thanks to support of DSD (Direct Stream Digital) audio files. The DSD is a modulation technique which provides much better quality than PCM technique used for recording CD audio. It uses adaptive probing frequency technique, so the digital signal much better reflect the original audio signal. Sony has also applied high quality electrical components, new balanced jack interface (4 cables are used in order to isolate right and left channels), S-Master™ HX digital amplifier and DC phase linearizer. Thanks to these all features the sound is very similar to the oryginal analogue form.

This is very impressive, that Sony was able to put so many in this small device. Unfortunately, the Sony Walkman NW-WM1Z is very expensive and it is priced at $3 200, i.e. about Rs. 213 000! So, this is almost three times more expensive than the most powerful currently available iPhone smartphone.

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