HMD Global (this Finnish company is responsible for the return of the Nokia brand to the smartphone market) is pleased with the sale results of the new Nokia 3310. Although this phone did not meet all expectations, but the new and cheap Nokia 3310 has found many buyers. Unfortunately, this phone could not be sold anywhere because some operators no longer provide their services via 2G GSM network. That is why HMD Global is preparing the Nokia 3310 3G version.

In countries such as Canada or United States, operators are reluctant to use 2G GSM networks. Their LTE networks have poor coverage in rural areas, but the required country coverage is obtained through 3G networks. That is why this year’s Nokia 3310 was not sold by some operators, and HMD Global has received many requests to add a 3G modem to this phone. And that’s how it happened. Finnish company also slightly refreshed the design of the new Nokia 3310 by increasing the distance between buttons. Adding a modem to support faster data transmission has also allowed adding apps for social media, including Facebook. You will get also updated Snake game.

The battery of Nokia 3310 3G will handle of 6.5 hours of talk time or 27 days in standby mode.

This year’s Nokia 3310 is awe-inspiring with its durable battery. Of course, there is no magic here, because this cheap phone has a battery with a capacity of 1 200 mAh. This is not much, but thanks to the wireless communication limited only to the 2G GSM network, this lasts up to 22 hours of talk time or 31 days of standby. The use of the 3G modem drastically shortens the talk time, but the 27-day standby is still impressive. Especially in the era of modern smartphones that need to be connected to the charger daily.

The rest of the specification remains unchanged. The Nokia 3310 3G will be available in mid-October in Australia. Its price will be 69 euros (about Rs. 5 330).

Source: HMD Global