Everything seems to indicate that the refreshed version of Nokia 3310 prepared by HMD Global has been a success. However, the first version of this phone could not be sold in all countries. This limitation is due to the fact that the new Nokia 3310 only supports 2G GSM networks. Therefore, HMD Global later prepared a model supporting 3G networks, and now is preparing a version supporting also 4G LTE.

Initially, it seemed a little strange, but HMD Global must somehow pay off another refreshment of Nokia 3310. It would seem that the already available Nokia 3310 3G should please everyone, because it supports both 2G GSM and 3G networks. However, there is at least one operator in the world that only has LTE network. It is the Reliance Jio, which has over 130 million customers. Also, LTE networks will soon have better coverage than current 2G and 3G base stations. It will result from the destination of new frequencies in the 600 MHz (US) and 700 MHz (Europe) for the 4G networks. Therefore, the Nokia 3310 4G, despite the fact that it is a nice surprise, should not surprise anyone.

The new Nokia 3310 will have the Yun OS operating system.

Yun OS is a mobile operating system developed by the Chinese Alibaba Cloud company belonging to the Alibaba group (it is the owner of such brands as AliExpress, UCWeb and Yahoo! China). In practice, Yun OS is a kind of branch of the Adroid, because this project is developed on the basis of the Android Open Source Project code. According to Google, Yun OS is not compatible with Android, however, in Aliyun store you could find pirated versions of applications from the Play store. The Chinese operating system supports several cloud services. However, the majority of mobile applications are launched from the level of the web browser, instead of installing on the device.

Nokia 3310 4G TENNA

No one knows when the new Nokia 3310 will see the light of day. So far, all the information comes from the TENAA, i.e. centre for the certification of devices sold in China.

Source: NokiaPowerUser