Modern smartphones are very fragile. Just a little fall and you have to look for a site that will replace the screen for a reasonable amount. I remember that old mobiles were more durable. Synonymous with durability is the Nokia 3310. This is the legendary mobile which can handle everything.

You can throw your Nokia 3310 against the wall and it will be fine (i.e. mobile, not the wall)! Also, the battery life time is very long. However, the modern Lumia 520 stopped the bullet and saved life of Brazilian police officer. So, Nokia 3310 can be proud of its grandson.  Unfortunately, modern fancy smartphones can be damaged after small drop on soft surface (e.g. a carpet). This is the reason why people buy special cases for protection.

The legendary Nokia 3310 has been announced 16 years ago!

I know stories when this indestructible mobile was dropped from 4th floor and everything was working. Do you remember the specification of this phone? Nokia 3310 has monochrome graphics screen with resolution of 5 lines, no phonebook (SIM only), vibration alarm, clock, alarm, calculator and smart messaging (T9 dictionary) feature. It is powered by 900 mAh NiMH battery. The battery life time varies from 55h to 260h (almost 11 days) in stand-by and from 2.5h to 4.5h for talk-time. I remember that in those days, people charged their mobiles 2 times a week in case of heavy usage. The average battery life time was about 5 days.


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