Who expected it? When well-known Finnish phone manufacturer first signed an agreement with Microsoft and then sold his entire department dedicated phone manufacturing. We thought that it was the end of the brand. But the hope never dies. Nokia returns to the market of smartphones with Android on board!

In the network you can find photos of new smartphone called Nokia C1. However we are interested in what is inside 🙂 The phone will be equipped with 5” screen with 720 x 1280 resolution. The mobile will be controlled by Intel Atom processor with 2 GB of RAM. The main camera will be 8 Megapixel resolution and the front (used mainly for selfies) will be 5 Megapixel.



Are you surprised? Those of you who are watching the market should expect this. Namely, not so long ago, Nokia released a tablet (Nokia N1) with Android on board. This was right after the official end of the mobile department sales. The tablet was not available in all counties, so you can guess that it was an experiment. As you can see, it was successful 🙂

What does this mean? Could Nokia realized that the choice of Windows Phone was shot in the foot and therefore they decided to sell the whole department? It is hard to tell. But one thing is certain. Soon, we will have “new” player on the market. It may be very interesting. Fortunately, such competition should be the most benefit for us, the consumers 🙂