Recently, the network has become loud on BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies. Of course, in every internet forum you can meet professionals in the field who know 100% way to make millions. Cryptocurrency can be earned and can be dug at home by making advanced cryptographic calculations on your computer. Graphics cards are best for this purpose, and their manufacturers know it well.

For those who want to delve into the secrets of the cryptocurrency market, I recommend a long and tedious reading of material available on Google. Currency has always been something of a deal, once they were precious metals, today they are pieces of properly prepared paper. So why could not they also be cryptographic keys? It is important that this is a finite good, which in this case implements complex algorithms. Digging out new BitCoins is a miracle, but you can do the same with other cryptocurrencies, which can then be converted to BitCoins. The first valuation of this most popular cryptocurrency took place in October 2009. This was done basing on the estimated electricity value that is needed to generate/dig a single BitCoin.

Asus, Colorful and MSI will release graphics cards dedicated for cryptocurrency digging.

According to the information found on various online forums, AMD Radeon cards are currently the best performing in this role. They are characterized by high efficiency at relatively low power consumption. Therefore, the prices of these cards at online auctions skyrocketed. Therefore, the most profitable way to earn something on cryptocurrencies is the sale of Radeon. You can for this money buy more powerful GeForce GTX model. However, graphics card manufacturers also want to earn on this gold fever.

Nvidia has developed graphics systems dedicated for digging cryptocurrencies: GP104-100 and GP106-100. They should be about 10% and up to 30% more efficient than their traditional counterparts. However, we will not connect the monitor to them. New graphics cards will only be used as computational units. Of course CUDA cores will be used here, which are great for parallel computing. The specifications listed below are currently only leaks.


MSI P106-100 MINER and P104-100 MINER

MSI GP106 GP104-100 Miner


In the picture of this card, the DVI connector is visible, but the specification clearly indicates its lack.

COLORFUL GP106-100 Miner

Source: VideoCardz