Simple mobile phones, which only serve to call and write SMSs, are today a niche. Most of us use modern smartphones with touch screens. However, some still prefer classic telephones with an alphanumeric keyboard. Reliance JioPhone, which has recently received the Google Maps application, is such a device.

Modern mobile phones that are not smartphones (i.e. they do not have touch screens) are, contrary to appearances, quite modern devices. One of them is prepared by the Indian operator Reliance Jio. It is interesting that it is one of the few operators that has the entire network based only on the 4G LTE network. This means that all voice calls are made using VoLTE technology, which in most operators is a curiosity rather than a standard. That is why the Reliance JioPhone is equipped with the KaiOS operating system and has support for VoLTE, Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS and has several applications installed.

Google Maps on the 2.4-inch display is the real art of interface optimization

Google employees had to try to prepare an application that will be useful on a small display. Reliance JioPhone has a 2.4-inch LCD screen, so the Google Maps interface is minimalistic. The menu has the following options: Search, Show map, Your location, Two-wheeler (bikes, scooters and motorcycles are very popular in India), Train or bus, Go, Layers of maps and About applications.

Reliance cares about its users who can not afford to buy a smartphone. JioPhone some time ago received a dedicated Facebook application. WhatsApp, YouTube is already working on applications for the KaiOS system. In turn, Google in addition to the maps already shared, will also prepare its assistant. All these programs are to show up with the launch of JioPhone 2, which resembles a classic BlackBerry with a QWERTY keyboard.


Source: Gadgets360

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