Wireless chargers are quite a useful accessory that allow you to charge your smartphone in confident way without looking for a cable. That’s why smartphone manufacturers are constantly working to increase charging power. Samsung currently has a 15 W charger Qi, and soon there will be a Wireless Charger Duo with a power of 25 W. However, this does not mean a shorter time to load the smartphone.

More and more devices are equipped with systems for wireless charging. Most manufacturers decide to choose solutions that comply with the Qi standard. As a result, customers are not condemned to one manufacturer’s chargers and can easily buy accessories from various companies. However, despite this, smartphone manufacturers are trying to be the leader among chargers’ suppliers. The only inglorious exception to this rule is Apple, which has not released a wireless charger or mobile charger that supports fast charging. In contrast, Samsung constantly surprises us and extends the portfolio of accessories. A picture of a new 25 W Wireless Charger Duo EP-N6100 box has just leaked to the network. Its advantage is that it allows you to charge two devices at the same time. They can be two smartphones or a smartphone + smartwatch set.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

The new Samsung charger will be expensive

The network can be found that the charger Wireless Charger Duo EP-N6100 is to cost 99 Euros (about Rs. 7 975), which is more or less twice as much as currently sold products. This price is justified because the new charger consists of two separate lower power chargers. Additionally, the set has a 25 W power supply. The other chargers are sold without a power supply and a cable. Therefore, if someone has at least two wireless charging devices in their home and wants to charge them at the same time, purchasing a Wireless Charger Duo may be a sensible choice. More details about the new charger should be known on August 9, the same day that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be presented. Perhaps at the same time, a new Samsung Gear smartwatch will be presented.

Source: Roland Quandt (Twitter)