It looks that external GPU docking station for laptops and ultrabooks will be very popular products. Recently, AMD has presented external XConnect GPU dock station. Now, Acer has their own solution, which works very similar but it is smaller.

The GPU dock station from Acer, i.e. Acer Graphics Dock, has  Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M with 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM memory which you can connect using Thunderbolt 3 (i.e. USB-C 3.1) interface. Does it sound similar? The same interface is used by AMD in XConnect solution. However, the difference is that, Acer Graphic Dock will not allow you to upgrade the GPU and it supports only mobile version of graphics card. In case of XConnect from AMD, you can put more powerful GPU, the same which you can use in your desktop computer.

What about the performance? Acer has presented their GPU dock station during CeBiT 2016. They used Acer Aspire 12S and Aspire R13 laptops for the presentation. Acer Aspire 12S has achieved only 940 points during 3DMark benchmark test. When Acer Graphics Dock was connected, then the performance raised and 4048 points result was achieved in the same test.

Acer Graphics Dock will be available in Europe for 300 EUR (about Rs. 22 500). I wonder when this device will be available in India, because it looks very interesting. You will not have to any longer buy heavy and big laptop for games. Now, you can buy mobile notebook with integrated GPU and an additional external GPU.