Bluetooth is currently one of the most important communication standards. This is mainly used in smartwatches, smartbands, car audio systems etc. Unfortunately, Bluetooth has also disadvantages. For an example, it has short range and low data transmission speed. However, new version of this standard will be much better.

The newest version, i.e. Bluetooth 4.2, was released in December 2014. The maximum data rate is 24 Mbps, but this did not change since Bluetooth 3.0 (released in April 2009). Soon we will see the specification of the next generation of this standard, i.e. Bluetooth 5. It will be announced on June 16 by the Bluetooth Special Interested Group. What will be changed?

Bluetooth 5 will be four times faster and it will have double range.

How will it work in the practice? It is hard to predict, but it is clear that new standard will offer more and the performance limitation will be caused by the device itself. Bluetooth 5 should be also great solution for IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Currently, the most problematic aspect of Bluetooth application is the power consumption.

Bluetooth 5 will have several features which will optimize the power usage.

In my opinion this is the most important aspect of this upcoming standard. This is the only way which can extend the battery lifetime of wearable devices and smartphones. It is impossible to install high capacity batteries in smartwatches and smartbands. Also, you should remember that Bluetooth is not going to replace the WiFi. These two wireless transmission technologies will coexist.