This post is not about cheating in Pokemon Go game. A lot of people do not know this, but very nice application, namely Fake GPS Location Spoofer, was not created cheating in AR (Augmented Reality) games like Pokemon Go and Ingress. Are you surprised? I bet, that you began to wonder who else needs this kind of application.

For an example, Fake GPS applications are used by developers who want to test their own applications which read location coordinates from the GPS module. You can also use this application for geotagging old photos, which were taken when the GPS was turned off. And finally, to prank your friends using social media that for an example you re in an exotic place.


Unfortunately, Fake GPS Location Spoofer application has received a lot of negative reviews in Google Play Store from Pokemon Go players.

That’s right, people wanted to cheat and they were disappointed that Pokemon Go game does not work when Allow mock location option is enabled. Therefore, they have started to rate this application at 1 star. Interestingly, the release of Pokemon Go game has affected the other applications in an interesting way. I will skip here the fact that Fake GPS applications began springing up in the Play Store like mushrooms after the rain. The program from Incorporate Apps studio has been available for a long time, namely from January 2013.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer app is available in two versions: free and paid.

Of course, the free version is more popular and appears as the first result of the “fake gps” search. Now for some facts. July 19th this year (that is, less than two weeks after the release of Pokemon Go), paid version of Fake GPS Location Spoofer has been installed (i.e.  bought) over 50 000 times. Furthermore, exactly two weeks later (i.e. August 2nd) the number of installations has been doubled!

Everything looks great, but that the rate of the free version of Fake GPS Location Spoofer has fallen from 4.44 to 3.27 after the release of the Pokemon Go.

Immediately after this, a new version of the application has been released. Developers have added a reminder to disable Allow mock locations feature and they have asked in the release note to stop 1 star rating. The free version of Fake GPS Location Spoofer is installed on more than 1 million Android devices, so this situation has to be very painful for the developer.


However, there is a way to play Pokemon Go without leaving home.

It is unfortunately very expensive, but there does not exist any Niantic Studio algorithm which would be able to detect this. You do not have to root your smartphone, so you will not lose the warranty. It turns out that the engineer does not know a word “impossible”. Thanks to the proper equipment, you can generate your own GPS signal! Unfortunately, the used generator costs about $20-25 thousand, so it is quite expensive toy.