Xiaomi’s power banks are very popular, the model with 10 000 mAh was a hit. Now, they have announced a model with 20 000 mAh capacity! We are not suprised that people are excited about this, because competitors offer power banks with much lower capacity. E.g. power bank from Samsung has 5 300 mAh

The 20 000 mAh power bank consists of six 3350 mAh cells from LG/Panasonic company. The weight is 338g what is about 88g more than in case of 10 400 mAh Mi power bank model. This mean that the newest power bank from Xiaomi still remains slim and compact device 🙂 However, high capacity is not the only advantage of this new device, because it support Quick Charge 2.0 technique from Qualcomm. Thanks to this solution the 20 000 mAh power bank can be fully charged in 5 hours! Unfortunately we do not know more about this model, but it looks very interesting.

Also the price is very attractive, because it will cost only CNY 149 (approx RS. 1 560) 🙂 You should be able to charge your smartphone 4 times without additional charging of power bank. So, if you forget to charge your smartphone or the power bank during the night then you will be saved.