Most people think that Chinese smartphone manufacturers can only copy Apple or Samsung solutions. However, Vivo shows that he knows innovation. The Chinese are testing a new solution for scanning 3D objects, which can be used, among others for face recognition. This system is based on the analysis of 300,000 points of light, which is 10x more than in the case of Face ID Apple.

Vivo is not an ordinary Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, which strives to attract customers with a low price of devices and design that is reminiscent of Apple products. The devices of this company stand out from the competition with unique solutions. A good example here is a fingerprint reader placed under the OLED display, which debuted on the Vivo X20 Plus UD. It was the world’s first smartphone with this solution. Another innovation is the retractable camera that appeared in the devices of the Vivo NEX series. Now we are waiting for the first commercial smartphone that supports TOF (Time of Flight) technology, which is used for three-dimensional object scanning.

One of the uses of the Vivo TOF 3D technology is face recognition

This system works in a very interesting way. The whole comes down to a light emitter coupled with a camera. Scanning an object involves measuring the time that passes between the emitted beam and its reflection from the obstacle and return to the smartphone. In this way, you can specify the distance between the device and the details of the scanned object. The entire system uses 300,000 narrow point sources, which allows for accurate image of the user’s face. This solution works up to 3 meters, so Vivo checks the applicability of TOF technology also in motion recognition systems.

Vivo thinks that their solution is not only more accurate, but also cheaper and easier to implement than TrueDepth solutions used by Apple (FaceID in iPhone X), Xiaomi (Face ID in Mi 8 Explorer) or similar technology announced some time ago Huawei.

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