Do you like to analyze statistics data? For me, this is very interesting, because very often I am able to drawn conclusions. Everyone of us has his own image of IT market. But how close is it the truth?

The newest Steam Hardware Survey provides very interesting data about graphics card. After a very long time, the most popular so far graphics module, i.e. Intel HD Graphics 4000, decreased to the second position. Who is the winner? Currently, the most popular is GeForce GTX 970. Of course, you have to have in mind the fact that no every gamer has Steam application installed, however this is very popular platform. Generally, Nvidia GPUs are the most popular and this company has 54.61% of the market share. The second is ATI/AMD with 26.23% share. However, players like also Intel‘s integrated graphics card, because it is used by 18.86% of Steam users. Also, gamers prefer Intel processors than solutions from AMD, but it is not surprising for me. I know, that AMD provides theoretically better performance for lower price, but Intel CPUs generate less heat.