It is possible that this article will not be about the networks, because it will be about TV and HD television, but the truth is that it is probably necessary article. Especially since what support of most operators “provide” for their customers.

We decided to not write the service provider name, because we would like that each of you could identify with what we describe. Over a half year ago we bought two TVs, one to the living room and the second to the bedroom. We have not thought about what service provider to choose, because we had already the signal at home (the previous owner had the installation). The provider has also very interesting TV cable offer and quite fast Internet connection.

We have ordered PVR decoder for the living room and CI+ CAM module for the bedroom. After the installation everything worked flawlessly. It was so for two months. Unfortunately once time, the maintenance break has happen. Immediately after this maintenance, which lasted almost all night, reception of coded channels in the bedroom stopped working. We did everything that was possible. Reset to the factory settings, cleaning cards and slot turning off and on etc. We also had confidence that the software on the TV was not updated because the TV does not have WiFi.


However very interesting was the conversation when we called for service.  They argued that probably this firmware update on your TV and advised to pull out the card and insert it again (heh, we did it at the beginning before to let them called).

Very interesting, however, was a conversation, when we called for service. At the beginning they wanted to still defend. They argued that probably this firmware update on your TV. Then still they thought that talked with nieinformatycznymi. As part of good advice was told to pull out the card, insert and do a search field (heh, we did it at the beginning before to let them called). At the end they offered to give us a second decoder instead of a CI+ CAM module, because our TV is incompatible. On the last question: “Why was it working without any problems for two months and stopped after your maintenance?” the answer was very interesting: “It can work sometimes, however we can not give a guarantee that the module will operate continuously on unsupported TV model.

We decided to act on our own for a while, to at least understand what has happened. We have updated software on the TV using USB flash, however it did not help. However, we installed this CI+ module in the second TV (the same manufacturer, but different model). It seemed to work, however not all channels were available.

Happy call centre worker giving a thumbs up

The worst thing is that this kind of service is absolutely useless. The fact that operators employ incompetent staff it is not our fault. Before purchasing the services you should try to figure out what is quality of the HelpDesk.