SSD drive can give a second life for your personal computer or laptop. This flash storage can significantly increase the performance of your computer. In my opinion you should consider buying an SSD if you have not already done this. However, the SATA interface can be bottleneck for modern flash storage modules.

Therefore, Zotac company has prepared PCIe SSD storage, i.e. Sonix 480 GB. Thanks to PCI Express interface, this construction can offer very high data transfer speed. It can be used in large databases which require very short access times. However it will find its application also in graphic and video station and even for players.

Zotac Sonix 480 GB uses NVME 1.2 PCI Express 3.0 Gen 3 x 4 interface and MLC flash modules manufactured by Toshiba. The modules has also Phison E7 controller and 512 MB DDR4 cache. Of course, the performance is much better than in case of traditional SSD drives with SATA interface. Unfortunately, the producer did not inform about the price and the release date.