Google Chrome is the most popular web browser application in India (and the whole world). According to the newest statistics from StatCounter, Chrome is used by 72.72% of desktop (i.e. personal computers, laptops etc.) Indian Internet users. So, you are probably interested what is new in the newest Chrome version, i.e. v50.

Unfortunately, I do not have good news for everyone. A year ago, Google announced that they will end the support for older operating system. Now it has become a fact, Chrome v50 is not available for Mac operating systems older than OS X Mavericks. In case of Microsoft operating systems, Google has stopped the support for Windows XP and Windows Vista. It means that about 13% of Indian Internet users can not install the newest Google Chrome web browser on their computers.

What is new? In my opinion, the most important are 20 security fixes. Google have paid in total $17 500 for people who found these vulnerabilities. Chrome v50 introduces also improvements in notifications (in the feature it may be integrated with notification system in Windows 10) and preload directives for CSS.