News about data breaches always are very interesting and popular. This is obvious that users of hacked services have to change their password, especially if they use the same password and login (e-mail) combination on several sites. This time, the data breach is embarrassing because one the most popular adult services (a colleague told me), i.e. Brazzers, has been attacked.

From IT point of view this is very interesting attack. It turns out that the Brazzers service is well secured itself. The problem is on Brazzersforum site which is connected to the main service. The known vulnerability of 3rd party software, i.e vBulletin, was used during the attack. Generally, Brazzersforum is not administrated by Brazzers service, but people use the same login/e-mail and password combination on both sites.

The data of almost 800 thousand have breached from well-known Brazzers service.

This is very dangerous, because people pay for Premium accounts using their credit cards, so cyber criminals can potentially use these data for illegal operation. They can for an example buy electronic version of popular computer games and sell these number serials on auction portals. Also, breached login and password may be used by amateurs of female beauty for high resolution materials downloading from Brazzers service. However, people get these videos also from other (also illegal) sources.


You can check if your data are compromised using Have I Been Pwned? service.

The data was verified by Troy Hunt (creator of Have I Been Pwned? site) and they look authentic. Also, several Brazzersforum users have confirmed that this is their login and password. However, couple people stated that they have never registered on Brazzersforum. Anyway, you should check whether your private data as login and password has been compromised or not. Whether you had an account on the attacked site or not.