Facebook is very advanced service and they have a lot of dedicated mobile applications, so sometimes I wonder why. Of course, some of them are very useful, such as Messenger, without which it is hard for me to imagine functioning. However, there is also a group of Facebook’s apps which I do not use or I think that they are unnecessary. I wonder now, which qualifies the latest dedicated app, i.e. the Facebook Events. The new application from Facebook is dedicated primarily for events and it draws them to a separate program.

I have to say with a pure heart, that the amount of information that passes through daily Facebook, is overwhelming. It happens that sometimes I miss some important information. That is the only reason why I like the divisions between Facebook’s applications. However, the truth is that in most cases it does not help.

Facebook Events is an application that pulls events from the Zuckerberg’s service to a separate program.

The idea is that Facebook Events app will allow as to create and manage events and send invitation to our friends more easily. I generally would not embrace this mess, what is this Social Media, but maybe someone new functionality will make life easier. Facebook Events has a calendar function. Thanks to this you will able to preview events and illustrate their distribution in time. This function resonates with users who organize events in their area by using Facebook. I must admit that there is a lot of events on the Facebook platform and it is hard to gather them all together. Even if we consider only local events, it can be hard with their count. After all, these events are created not only by private persons, but also by several organizations and bands. For this reason, the creation of a separate application can be very good for Facebook platform. Thanks to this, the company should have a much easier access to users, to attract them with their events. Hence, it will be easier to advertising on the site. For now, Facebook Events is only available in the AppStore in the US. However, the company promises that they will also develop Android version and it will be released in other regions.


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