Facebook is the most popular social network in the world and there is no doubt that. The latest earnings for Q3 2016 period are very impressive. It clearly shows that Facebook knows how to take advantage of the growing popularity of mobile devices. You can install their application practically on every smartphone regardless of what components it has. Facebook has noted 1.09 billion of “mobile only” daily active users in September 2016.

This is the average result from the whole month, but the “mobile only” daily user means that the user was using Facebook service only from mobile devices during the whole day. This result is 22% than a year ago. The total number of daily active users was slightly higher, i.e. 1.18 billion and it represents all kind of users, i.e. “mobile only”, “computer only” and mixed (mobile and computer). In the case of all daily active users, the result is 17% better than a year ago. During the whole month, Facebook has noted 1.79 billion of MAUs (Monthly Active Users) out of which 1.66 billion represents mobile only MAUs.

On average, over 92% of Facebook users use this service only via mobile devices.

It is quite clear trend, not only on this platform. Currently, about 75% of all Internet traffic comes from smartphones and tablets, so numbers from Facebook are not a surprise to me. It also clearly shows that the mobile advertising is very important. About 84% of all Facebook’s advertising revenue for Q3 period comes from mobile devices and it is 6% more than year ago. The general financial results of Zuckerberg’s service for Q3 2016 are very good. The total advertising revenue is $6.816 billion what is 59% more than year ago for the same period. In case of net income it looks even better, because Facebook has earned $2.379 billion ant this is over 1.5 times (166% to be more precisely) more than in Q3 2015.