Well, as we already know the Adobe solution (i.e. Flash) has many opponents mainly because of its poor performance. Already at the beginning of this year, Google said “bye-bye” to Flash through a complete migration of YouTube to HTML5. Later Netflix has done the same, and now it is time for Facebook.

The video player in HTML5 version was already available on Facebook for a long time, but now it is the default. This means that if your browser supports HTML5, then the player based on this technology will be selected for watching videos on FB. What does it mean for us in the practice? In short: movies played on Facebook are now less strain for our computer and we will not observe these annoying crashes of Flash plugin. I would expect also that we will observe an increase in the number of films directly uploaded on FB, rather than links from YouTube. Users have already noticed that these films reach more recipients.

Why Facebook has changed only preferences for running the player and they did not remove Flash version completely? Clearly, the policy of the Mark Zuckerberg‘s company  is a continuous increase in number of users, also in less developed countries. Therefore, they can not afford to lose users of browsers which do not support HTML5.