Creating demand for increasing bandwidth is not a fad. Nowadays it is almost requirement of civilization. Internet traffic is growing at such a tremendous rate, and even much faster than Moore’s Law describe. Most individual customers does not even realize how much network traffic the family can generate. We wrote about this in earlier.

Generally speaking, the unit needs just these 20 Mbit/s for watching Facebook and YouTube, but if we add other services such as video on demand, online gaming, or work remotely it may multiply by the number of people in the house where it gets fun.

Whether if we like it or not, Internet speed increases almost imperceptibly. Recently, people were shocked about DSL 20 Mbit/s. Now we come to the speed of 1 Gbit/s. What gives us as high speed as 300 Mbit/s?

fibres optiques

It is all about fiber-optic technology. As you know, the speed of light is high. The scientists in all of the world can not do a thing to reach this or even get close to this.

câble à fibres optiques

Why this technology is so good and is this the best we can reach?

What’s most interesting (and probably you do not even hear about that): to replace one fiber optic line you should apply to thousands of electrical links. What is more, optical fibers are resistant to the phenomenon of crosstalk. What does it give us? You can lay the wires parallel to each other, if there is any such need.


When the fiber is usefull too? It is very useful for the (so-called) “last kilometer”.  It is a jargon phrase coined by TEL, which describes this part of the link which is already directly to the end user. The truth is more and more companies are using only fiber. Although I complain about technically aspects, I always realise that of leading mobile operators and the leading Internet providers offers exactly the same technology as abroad.

Glasfaserkabel, symbolfoto

We can be minimalists, but the truth is that we are strongly progressive society and the requirements for speed grows with us everyday . We want to stream movies, throw files on Dropbox, work from home and play MMORPG. All of this stuff needs these several hundred mega bits per s