We have very interesting statistics from October. Finally Firefox browser has become more popular than Internet Explorer. We have for you some newest results relating to Browser Usage from StatCounter. These results are worldwide and based on page views, so in our opinion we can rely on them 🙂

Desktop Browsers

So, what has happened? Both browsers recorded a slight usage decrease compared to the previous month, however Firefox further maintains its slight advantage over Internet Explorer. In September the results were 17.34% (for FF) and 17.11% (for IE). Here you have results from October for desktop users:StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-201510-201510-bar (3)

Of course, the understanding is that desktop users are traditional PCs, laptops, netbooks etc. The most popular is Chrome, to be honest we also use this browser 🙂 You can check also results from the whole year. It looks that Firefox browser has quite stable stable, however we can observe that Chrome gains every month and Internet Explorer looses… Opera and Safari have low, but quite stable share ratio on desktop devices.StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-201411-201510 (2)

However, if we look at the world map then we will see that in some counties Firefox is the most popular browser.StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-201510-201510-map

Mobile Browsers

How does it look in case of mobile devices? Here, also Chrome is the leader 🙂 Hover we have one surprise. Safari mobile version, the default browser for Apple devices, has lost the second position in favor UC Browser. In our opinion, the main strength of UC Browser is the fact that this browser is available on all mobile operating systems (Android, iOS and Windows Phone).StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-201510-201510-bar (2)

StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-201411-201510 (3)

In our opinion very interesting is the fact that Opera has quite high share ratio on mobile devices (12.54%) 🙂 We think that the most powerful feature of this browser is Turbo Mode in Opera Mini. Thank to this websites are compressed, so you can safe your mobile data plan.

We can draw interesting conclusions when we analyze the most popular mobile browsers in different countries. We see that in countries where mobile networks are not yet well developed, Opera is the most popular, because people save theirs data plans.StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-201510-201510-map (1)

Browsers usage stats in India

How does it look in India? Chrome is our favorite browser on PCs and laptops, however Firefox has also quite high share ratio. In case of mobile devices, we mostly use UC Browser, but also Opera is quite popular.


StatCounter-browser-IN-monthly-201411-201510 (1)