How fast Internet connection do you have? Do you think that 50 Mbps is a lot? In Europe currently available Internet accesses based on FTTH (Fiber To The Home) technique allow to achieve up to 600 Mbps and even 1 Gbps!!!

We know that nowadays the fastest available medium for data transmission is a fiber. This solution is currently used by providers in their core networks. A single fiber can handle a lot of voice calls and data streams, so it can replace hundred of cooper wires. Unfortunately this technique is expensive because of the price of converters and others elements of the fiber network. However thanks to the massive production these solutions became cheaper.

Nowadays providers in Europe are building FTTH networks in big cities. It means that inside the building we have fibers and the media converter is installed inside the home. The simplest implementation of this technique allows for connection of the router. However it is also possible to use VoIP and IPTV. It means that you need only the single (optical) cable in order to use all these three services 🙂

We hope that this FTTH technique will become more popular and available also in India. We know that it may look for expensive solution. However, if you analyze the cost of installation of the broadband access network for the whole building then you will realize that it may be profitable. All in all, it is only a matter of scale.