YouTube is by far the most popular video portal in the network. This is the true and no one denies. However, the interesting thing is something else. YouTube is all you need on the network and if by chance it is not necessarily used as intended? What can we find there, what is not and what is too much? We did a tiny, substantive analysis of this solution, if you can even call it that…

Where did the idea for an article come? You will have fun. It all started almost a year ago, during romantic evening. Sitting in a new apartment already furnished remembered how at my parents when I was little were burning fireplace. Beautiful view, gladdening the soul sound of firing a tree in the fireplace. So, I was thinking: I have a 40-inch TV with WiFi, can it be a fireplace on YouTube? Guess what, it is on YouTube! 3 hours long HD video with fireplace and realistic sound 🙂

Recently, my brother talked about unusual videos on YouTube. It was about the several hours videos with falling rain, snow or storm because a friend like that sort of sights and sounds. Then I came to the conclusion that you can find almost everything on YouTube. I do not deny that this is not necessary. There will always be passionate about this type of noise, even for meditation, study, pleasure. But whether placing videos lasting 10 hours is needed and it is not a waste of space?

YouTube works well as a server with music videos, video blogs, but I never thought I’d become a base so interesting in its strangeness movies and do not know how to respond to this idea. I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, not everyone crosses what he likes, there will always be someone who wants to watch. But on the other hand, place, or server power are wasted on such crap when you can do something more useful.

The truth is that the internet is saturated with information, Internet absorbs. The network already has everything and there are few topics on which we will be innovative. Therefore, we should not be surprised what we find on the websites. After all, the internet is created by people and how many people, so many ideas for its development. I am afraid sometimes think that behind these corners of the network that do not venture into. The ingenuity of people do not know but limits!