Very popular streaming video website has published their 2015 year statistics, however it is not YouTube. They used 1.892 petabytes of bandwidth and streamed videos with 75 GB per second throughput. Who are they? It s one of the most popular websites for adults, i.e. Pornhub.

Pornhub service publishes statistics from 2013 and these numbers always provide very interesting conclusions. This website is very popular, because statistically everyone has viewed 12 videos on this site and they have 6 700 visits per second. However, statistically you and your dog have 3 legs each. HERE you can see all stats, but for me the most interesting are numbers which reflect IT market 🙂

Platform comparison

Generally, we mostly use desktop devices (i.e. PCs and laptops) for web browsing (59.11%). However in case of movie watching, people prefers to use mobile devices, i.e. smartphones (52.9%) and tablets (10.8%). Desktop computers generated only 36.3% of traffic on this popular website for adults. Very interesting is the fact, that Facebook and Google have very similar conclusions and they also noticed that people use mobile devices for consuming content.



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