4chan once had the prospect of becoming a really cool site, but as happens in the network, has been brought by the user to the form in which we know it now. Internet users made him utter the swamp, and this was not his idea.

At this moment on 4chan can find hate, trolling and full of content, which is not normally published on other sites, like for an example strongly racist jokes. It also turns out that 4chan is incredibly expensive to maintain and site owner has with him is not a small problem. However, the impact of the 4chan service on the current shape of the Internet is noticeable.

Few people know that the owner of the 4chan is Mr. Hiroyuki Nishimura.

This man is not able to earn anything on it, even though the service still enjoys great popularity. Profits from advertising are negligible, because who would normally advertise on 4chan site. And only those clients are able to provide a little penny. 4chan maintenance costs are also not small, and indeed exceed the earnings of the owner. The idea of payments from users also did not work out, well, because everyone thinks that what is on the network, it should be free. It turns out that these problems can lead to a reduction in the content of the service, but, worse, to his disappearance from the depths of the Internet. The 4chan site will receive help from businessman who does not have good reputation in the network. Martin Shkreli – the person who raised the price of AIDS medication by 5 thousand percent is going to support the service financially. Money from it too may yet end up, and then, unfortunately, you will have to say goodbye to this website. How do I know the specifics of the Internet, the cry through the site will not be long, and soon after his fall, and so will any new place of this type.