You probably already know that you have to be extra careful when you receive e-mail from your online bank. You also know that the bank will never ask you about your login and password. However, you should also take care about password to your e-mail account, because your smartphone is synchronized with this.

Just a reminder, each Android smartphone uses cloud services which require Gmail account, so you are authenticated basing on e-mail address and the password. In case of Apple mobile devices, the situation is the same. This is very convenient, because you have to remember only a single password in order to have access to all your data, i.e. mails, documents, contacts, videos and photos. Unfortunately, this approach has also a big disadvantage, because a hacker has to only get a single password in order to grant access to all your private data.

Unfortunately, several celebrities fell victim of this kind of phishing attack in 2014. Therefore, the FBI started the investigation in conjunction with leaked online private photos of Hollywood celebrities. The suspicion was that Apple security mechanisms were hacked, because these photos came from iCloud service. However, it turned out that Ryan Collins gained access to over 50 iCloud and 72 Gmail accounts thanks to his phishing scheme ran from November 2012 until September 2014.

As you can see, cloud services are safe if you follow basic rules. However, you should also check what data your smartphone uploads to the cloud service. Here you have also a short video which explains what phishing attack is.

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