Pirates very often break rules and bypass protection mechanisms. They invent new ways for publishing illegal content all the time. Of course, a lot of companies fight with this phenomenon. For an example, YouTube has the algorithm which automatically detects and block illegal (i.e. copyright) materials.

This solution is called Content ID. How does it work? Each video uploaded to YouTube is automatically scanned and tagged with ID which depends on the content, i.e. the video image and the sound track. Therefore, the copyright owner can decide what to do with the protected material. For an example, they can automatically block your vacation video with the famous summer track in the background.

Pirates have found very interesting way to bypass this mechanism. They embedded the entire film into 360-degree video.

When you play the video, you will see normal image from 360 degree camera. However, when you rotate the view, you will see the copyrighted movie. This material with Clueless film was published by Thuy Pham, but it is currently blocked. YouTube is not surprised by this situation. They work on many areas, so it is understandable that their mechanisms are not perfect. I bet that their developers are working on the improvement for Content ID mechanism.