The 4G LTE offer from Reliance Jio is very attractive and terribly lot of Indian users have decided to test this. It caused that the mobile traffic in India has increased astronomically and a lot of India services have observed this phenomenon. Of course, Reliance has some troubles with interconnection points to other operators and high drop ratio, but they are working on the solution. There is no denying that Reliance has revolutionized the mobile Internet market in India. However, this is not end, they want to do the same on the fixed Internet access market by introducing the Jio GigaFiber.

The Jio GigaFiber is the FTH (Fiber To Home) broadband service which will provide up to 1 Gbps throughputs. Reliance is already testing this service in some parts of Delhi and Mumbai. However, it is not known when the Jio GigaFiber will be available commercially. Reliance will compete not only with DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) ISPs (Internet Service Provider), but also with the DTH (Direct To Home) services which provide both the TV and Internet.

The Jio GigaFiber will provide up to 1 Gbps Internet connection and several Jio services.

The latest reports from media indicate that the broadband fibre Internet access from Reliance will be available to customers in several months. The Jio GigaFiber will probably come together with several Jio’s services like MediaShare and JioTV. I bet that you wonder why someone would need to have the 1 Gbps Internet access at home. Such kind of broadband fiber connection will allow us to watch 4K video streams, use video calls and play in high definition games at the same time without any problem.


Reliance will also provide some SmartTV box like Android device or Apple TV.

Thanks to this, customers will be able easily access Jio’s content and play games. As you probably know, the biggest advantage of 4G Jio offer is very low price. Of course, the Jio GigaFiber offer is expected to be also very competitive. Here you have the leaked plans:

  • Rs 500 for 3.5 GB data daily limit, with validity period of 30 days,
  • Rs 400 for unlimited data usage and unlimited speed, with validity period of 24 hours,
  • Rs 1 500 for 2 000 GB monthly data limit and 50 Mbps speed, with validity period of 30 days,
  • Rs 2 000 for 1 000 GB  monthly data limit and 100 Mbps speed, with validity period of 30 days,
  • Rs 4 000 for 500 GB monthly data limit and 400 Mbps speed, with validity period of 30 days,
  • Rs 3 500 for 750 GB monthly data limit and 200 Mbps speed, with validity period of 30 days,
  • Rs 5 500 for 300 GB monthly data limit and 600 Mbps speed, with validity period of 30 days.

As you can see, this Jio’s offer may look strange, because if you want to have faster Internet connection then you will get lower data limit. However, remember that this is not the official offer from Reliance. I hope that these data limits will be higher, but I also know that Reliance may have also problems with high traffic volume in their network. It is good that they want to offer very fast broadband fiber technology, but they will have to invest a lot in their network in order to be able carry the whole traffic.