We all know, that we do not text using the traditional SMS service any more. People prefer to buy the data packet and use the messaging app intestate of buying SMS package. It is more confident to pay for the mobile data packet which you can use for both Internet surfing and texting.

Have you ever wonder which messaging application is the most popular? A lot of people use Facebook and this is one of the common Android applications. For convenience, most of these people use also Messenger app, because they can communicate with their friends via Facebook service. However, the data collected by SimilarWeb company shows that someone else is the leader.

WhatsApp is the world leader because it is the most popular messaging app in 109 countries, including India.

However, as you probably know, this information does not worry Mark Zuckerberg, because his company bought WhatsApp over two years ago. In my opinion, WhatsApp is very confident application, because it authenticates you on the basis of your phone number. The second most popular messaging app is Facebook’s Messenger which is the most popular in 49 counties. As you can see, Mark Zuckerberg’s applications are the leaders in 84.49% of all the world’s countries.


However, very interesting is that there are also 5 applications which have the highest popularity only in one country: KakaoTalk in South Korea, imo in Cuba, Zalo in Vietnam, ChatOn in Eritrea, and BBM in Indonesia.