In the latest development version of desktop Opera web-browser, i.e. 37.0.2163.0, built-in ad-blocking feature was introduced. Is it a war declared against advertising in the Internet? Opera also earns money from ads, i.e. thanks to Opera Mediaworks which is one the the biggest mobile advertising platform. So where is the logic?

In the past, Opera has introduced a lot of new mechanism in their web-browser application which today are present in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and even Internet Explorer/Edge. In the late 1990s, Internet users were complaining about advertising banners, so advertisers have started to use the pop-ups windows. It was terrible. How does it look today? Some applications use sometimes pop-ups windows (e.g. for logging) and it is okay. However, we can observe armaments race between advertisers and add blocking tools developers. Who suffers? Unfortunately, we, as these modern ads generate a lot of computing load. Add blocking tool also will not help too much, because it uses web-browser API, so the add is processed at first before will be blocked.

How does it work in the practice? You can check this yourself, because Opera has introduced also a benchmark for page load time measurement. It will show you how much faster the page loads without ads thanks to this new feature. Opera has compared loading time of 66 content-rich websites (each site was loaded 15 times) for the development version of Opera, Firefox with Adblock Plus, Chrome with Adblock Plus and Edge (you cannot block ads in this “modern” web-browser from Microsoft). The results are quite interesting, because the most popular set (i.e. Chrome + ADB) is 45% slower than new solution from Opera.


Of course, Opera does not want to eliminate all ads from the Internet. They intention is to determine the set of rules which will allow to put only those ads that do not impact on the experience of the end users (i.e. us). Contemporary Internet can not exist without ads, because people do not want to pay for access to information, but someone has to pay e.g. for the hosting server. In my opinion, advertising which is personalized and integrated into the page can be also very benefit for the Internet user. In the end, you can always learn about the interesting offer.