YouTube Red is not yet on the market, however we can find a lot of discussions in the Internet about this. The topic is quite hot. Everyone is afraid of what Google wants to do. We decided to introduce a small systematization and summarize all known facts.

Let’s start with the fact that the name of the website itself raises a huge controversy, especially in some countries. Comments like, “Name similar to the famous 18+ website” can be read on many websites. It is hard for us to understand how you will be able both names wrong, but let them be. We decided then to write a few words of correction, because not everyone probably knows, what YT Red will be.


This is not, as has been written so far that YT Red will be separated paid service. This will be the name of paid subscription for YouTube application. Monthly subscription will be $9.99 and will be equipped with additional benefits. If you buy a subscription then you will see an additional Red icon inside the logo. What will you get?

  • complete lack of advertising on the site and all YouTube applications (AdBlock toll does the same and is free),
  • the ability to download movies and watch them offline on your mobile device (it can be quite an interesting option, but is worth the 10 bucks?),
  • video playback in the background and the turned off screen on mobile devices (good for  fans of music from YT),
  • access to the full resources of YouTube Music, consisting mainly of music videos,
  • access to a paid plan Google Play Music,
  • access to new videos “YouTube Originals”.

What is an impact of introducing YT Red? This does not change anything for the typical user. Red subscription is optional and non-mandatory. The situation is, however, less succinctly when it comes to YouTube’s video bloggers. They will have to conclude a new agreement with Google. The point is that the users who pay do not want to see ads, and publishers (i.e. bloggers) earn on ads watching. Now everyone has the choice: an artist who accepts the contract agrees to make money only on non-subscription users. However, if you do not accept new agreement then all your movies will get the PRIVATE status.


However, Google does not remain as sharp as it seemed and creators who will be subscriptions will also make money on subscriptions users (the famous 10 bucks will be shared among all artists whose movies were watched by the user).

What in case when you upload videos from time to time? And here it looks interesting, because if you do not accept subscription then only Google will earn on advertisements shown during your videos.