Each country is characterized by certain features that make operators decide to invest in various technical solutions. The Australian Telstra operator has a rather interesting idea for using its 5G network. Telecom company intends to build an infrastructure for Wi-Fi hotspots that will be connected to the Internet using a 5G device. Thanks to this, the operator’s customers will be able to immediately use the new solution, because they will not have to buy new smartphones. Does this solution make sense?

Wi-Fi networks have their limitations, but their unquestionable advantage is the extremely high popularity of devices supporting one of the 802.11 family standards. However, they are much slower than the currently developed 5G networks. A single Wi-Fi hotspot would not be able to use the potential of the new technology. Telstra claims that the devices of the new generation of mobile networks they use offer a bandwidth of 3 Gbps. Therefore, a single aggregation point that would be connected to a 5G network would support several Wi-Fi hotspots. This type of network is supposed to be able to handle hundreds of smartphones.

Wi-Fi hotspots connected to the 5G network will offer free Internet for everyone.

The operator wants to show Australians the possibility of a new technology in this way. The first such hotspots have already been launched in the 5G innovation centre in the city of Southport, which is located on the west coast of Australia. Internet is offered free to everyone. The only restriction concerns the daily limit on the amount of data download, which is 10 GB. However, this is not all. The operator also tests the first car, which is still connected to the 5G network. During tests, the Intel platform prepared for this purpose is used.

The Australian operator declares that it will launch its commercial 5G network by next year. In turn, Wi-Fi hotspots are designed to solve the problem of a small number of new generation devices. Thanks to this, the operator’s customers will be able to use the new technology without having to buy new equipment. In turn, the operator will benefit from the relief of the currently operating LTE network. I wonder if any of the Indian operators will decide to implement a similar project. Wi-Fi hotspots could be installed in shopping centres and other public places, which would certainly be appreciated by customers.

Source: RCR Wireless

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