So I thought that sooner or later, the mobile carriers in India will react to Reliance Jio offer. The first, who took up the gauntlet to fight is Airtel – the largest operator in India. They have prepared very interesting promotion offers for pre-paid users. You can get 1 GB data pack 80% cheaper, i.e. for only Rs. 51 (the normal price is Rs. 259).

However, there is a catch, because you have to meet one condition in order to activate 1 GB pack for Rs. 51. At first, you have to charge your pre-paid account by Rs. 1498 and you will get 1 GB pack of 3G and 4G data with validity of 28 days. After this period, you can buy another 1 GB for just Rs. 51. However, this promotion will be valid only for a year. After this time, you can again charge by Rs. 1498 and have the next year of 1GB packs for Rs. 51.


Airtel has prepared also lower pack for Rs. 748.

In this case, you will also get 1 GB pack for 28 days. After this period, you will be able to buy additional 1 GB data packs for Rs. 99 over a period of six months. The last offer is available for both a pre-paid and post-paid customers. Unfortunately, post-paid Airtel clients have to wait couple days. This special offer is called 50% “cashback” of mobile data for all 3G and 4G data consumed during the night between 12am to 6am.