This is quite controversial news. Reliance Jio is the first mobile carrier in India which uses only 4G LTE network in order to provide mobile Internet, SMS and voice services. They do this with very low pricing, practical for free. However, nowadays nothing is for free. Even if some company offers a service for free then users will pay for this by data about them. Many companies collect information on our online behaviour to better provide their services and more efficient advertising.

Anonymous India group warned us a year ago that the Jio Chat application sends unencrypted data to servers located in China. However, Reliance Jio has denied these accusations, because they use these servers for location-based services within China. Of course, in other countries they use Google Maps service (which is banned in China) for this purpose. This time Anonymous group has posted the instruction which can be used to prove their statement.

Anonymous India proves that Reliance Jio sends their users data to servers located in US and Singapore.

According to published informations, the private data contains phone numbers, call duration and even more. Also, two Reliance Jio applications, i.e. My Jio and Jio Dialer, communicate permanently with an advertising platform called Mad-Me. Fortunately the data send to Mad-Me servers are encrypted, so it is unlike that someone else will intercept information about us. You can verify these accusations by yourself, because the detailed instruction has been published on Anonymous India group website.

Anonymous India Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio has already commented these findings.

Jio has stated that they take very seriously security and privacy of their customers. Reliance claims that they meet the highest standards of governance and they do not share any customer’s data with other companies. Any data collected by Jio applications are used only for internal analysis in order to provide better quality of service and advertise Jio’s offer. What do you think about this explanation? Do you believe that Reliance Jio does not sell any data to compensate for their low service fees?