What is your favorite mobile web browsing application? The most popular is Google Chrome, however Opera has the most advanced features. This statement is also correct for desktop version. Some time ago, Opera has introduced free VPN for desktop users. Today they have released Free VPN application for Android. This app secures the whole Internet traffic generated by all your applications!

Feature for desktop users protects only the traffic generated by Opera itself. It is web browser feature, not VPN application for the whole operating system. Three months ago, they released Free VPN app for mobile Apple devices. Starting from today, the same application is finally available for Android users.


Opera Free VPN – Unlimited VPN application is perfect solution for people who use unsecured free WiFi hotspots.

The application will test the security of WiFi network which you are using. The normal secured home WiFi network gets B+ grade, because it is possible to detect smartphone from other computers connected to the same network. However, all free WiFi hotspots are very unsafe and it is not recounted to use them. However, thanks to free and unlimited VPN from Opera, you can encrypt your data and use any kind of WiFi network. Opera will display some ads and collect data about from your device, but this is small price. Of course, Opera will not collect any private data. Here you have the statement about how it works:

This information is made available to third parties who are
interested in better understanding the mobile ecosystem and
how it's evolving. It's important to understand that this is
not data about what you do with your phone, but rather this
is data about how a large group of people use their phones.