What is the main disadvantage of mobile cellular networks? The coverage! Building the network over the whole country is often too expensive. Therefore mobile operators invest mainly in high populated areas (i.e. cities). So, what does Google want to do?

The idea looks great. Google Loon project is about usage of balloons as base stations 🙂 It looks surprisingly. Google will begin testing their Loon project solution in Indonesia in the next year. Google’s balloons will provide internet access across the whole country and 17 000 islands. Three Indonesia’s mobile operators will participate in the project – Indosat, Telkomsel and XL Axiata. They want to use this solution in order to provide LTE signal to their customers. In our opinion, LTE is the best choice, however it will hard to achieve high throughputs. In this case, the main advantage of LTE  is very high capacity of single site 🙂

The helium balloons will fly 20 km above the earth and each balloon will coverage 40 km diameter area. When one balloon fly away from its position, then the another will take its place. Google wants to setup the continuous ring over the whole Indonesia.

We are excited about this idea and we hope that it will be successful. It is a big change for Google Loon project, maybe in the near feature it will be also used in others low populate areas 😀