We go a little to topics related to the mobile Internet. How much can you read about holes in Android and Windows 10? Even we have had enough of this topic and we can not read about new exploits. We decided to raise a number of topics related to the Internet.

It often happens that the network is not working. We have it in our homes and… phones. Breakdowns, lack of coverage have an impact on the quality of service, but what to do when the internet we were not operated for a longer period of time, or not work at all. As you know, the users absolutely will not worry about the configuration of the phone and when we buy a new phone we can at least hope that neither surprise us meet. However, when the phone we buy from someone they may be remnants of the old configuration that prevent us from enjoying the network operator. I met up with this when my friend bought the phone. The mobile had saved the old configuration of the MMS, Internet and friend could not use these services. She was in fact another operator than its predecessor.

So how do you cope alone without professional help in such cases? We will present you some seemingly trivial hints that may help you in such case.

Static APN configuration

Let’s start with the most common problem, which, among other things touched my friend. For the proper operation of the Internet we have to configure correctly APN on our mobile. For different operators, these settings are quite different. APN settings for a particular operator can be found at the ISP website. It may also happen that the phone will configure itself after connection to the network. It is also possible to send SMS message with settings – it is not clear text, but the installer configuration, which will automatically set your phone.

Disabled data transmission or turned airplane mode

Seemingly trivial for those who have their phones for some, or know settings very well. However, for young users or owners of modern models it may be problematic and they may even be not aware of the fact what they did. It is worth checking it at the very beginning, as soon as the network is failing.

Young tourist in shirt with mobile phone on a Croatian beach. Ne

Universal Windows solution – turn off and on

It is precisely to remove the battery when your phone is turn on, insert it again and turn on. The method seems to be very strange, but you can believe me or not, a few times I was able to fix mobile Internet using this method.

Stressed communication

Factory settings reset

We use it when others methods do not help. It may be that we caught some bug, a virus that blocks our access to the network, or installed some malicious software. In this case, reset can help a lot. Well before this you should try to put your SIM card into another phone. It may turns out that the problem is on the carrier site and you have to visit the Service Point.

Let us also remember that for sure will not work in this case, the most popular method among users. The network certainly will not start to operate again when we throw our smartphone against a wall or floor. Times of Nokia 3310 are already over.

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