Have ever heard about Internet.org project (called also as Free Basics)? In brief, it is about providing free Internet connection with limited content in less development countries. Theoretically, everyone should be happy. However, TRAI decided to forbid such services. 

Internet.org/Free Basics project is leaded by Facebook, which wants to provide free (i.e. without any charging) access to selected services (i.e. websites). They claim that these services are basic and everyone should have access it, because no one can exist without this. So, what services are indispensable for us? Web sites relating to health, education, job searching, communication, and of course Facebook. All seem to be beautiful, if not the fact that these services are chosen by Zuckerberg‘s company and there is no question of any competition.


Therefore, officials of some countries (first in Egypt, now in India) see here unfair competition that could threaten the net neutrality. Generally, yesterday TRAI‘s (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) decision is not directly aimed at the Internet.org/Free Basics project. TRAI prohibits favoring of any services through the use of different charging for data transfer depending on the content. For example, mobile data packages with e.g. free Facebook, i.e. if this service does not consume the mobile data plan, are not permitted any longer. However, TRAI allows one exception, i.e. emergency services can be provided without any charging in case of public emergency situations. If you are interested in the details, HERE you have the whole official statement.