This information is very consoling, it looks that 5G technology is in better shape than it was in case of 4G LTE. Currently, 5G networks are leaving the lab and 4 mobile carriers agreed to form a new global initiative called 5G Open Trial Specification Alliance.

This alliance is formed by KT (South Korea), NTT Docomo (Japan), SK Telecom (South Korea) and Verizon (United States) mobile carriers. The idea is to provide the common platform which will be used for several 5G activities around the world. So far, mobile operators and telecommunication companies were using laboratories for specification researches. Of course in order to compare the results achieved in different labs, they had to use the same test/measurement methods. Now, the idea to use the same platform for this purpose. In my opinion it is very good information from us, that 5G networks researches came out of laboratories and this future technology will be tested in the real environment.

Generally, the trial specification will be neutral and industry companies do not want to limit on-going 3GPP standardization discussions and decisions. The purpose of this new alliance is to provide additional real live data which will complement the data from simulations and laboratory tests.