Nowadays mobile devices are very popular and people use their smartphones not only for calling and texting. We bring our mobiles everywhere, so we remain in constant contact with our friends and family. Every smartphone has a possibility to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi hotspot or mobile network, so people use this functionality. Also, mobile technology is getting cheaper, so more people can effort to buy a smartphone. According to the report published by Zenith, the current trend shows that 75% of all Internet traffic will be generated by mobile devices in 2017.

This is even more interesting of you take in to the consideration the past results. In 2012 smartphones and tables were responsible only for 40% of Internet traffic. I have to admit that 35% growth over 5 years is impressive result. This year showed that 68% of Internet traffic was generated by mobile devices. It is expected that this result will increase to 79% in 2018.  Do you know where Internet users use their smartphones the most?

Report from Zenith shows that the highest ratio of Internet traffic generated by mobile devices is in Spain.

Do you want to guest how high ratio is it? Currently, Spanish users generated 85% of their Internet traffic using mobile devices. However, this is not the country where smartphones are the most popular. It occurs that in Ireland 92% of citizens own a smartphone, in Spain this result is little smaller, i.e. 91%. In India 73% of the Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This is very good result comparable with other countries: Hong Kong (79%), China (76%), United States (74%) and Italy (73%). It is expected that the result for India will increase to 82% by 2018. In my opinion, this great result in India is caused among others the increasing competition between mobile carriers and the offer from Reliance Jio. We have also a lot of cheap smartphones on our market.