A lot of people have a problem with constant access to the Internet from your phone. The reasons may be different. For example, we have a problem with the reach of our operator’s network or just sometimes a mobile network is overloaded. Often they give up of using mobile data, because it is simply too expensive.

Fortunately, Google and other companies see this problem and we want to facilitate access to the Internet. Of course, they hope that we will then use their services. As for me, it is clear the situation a win-win. We have access to the latest information via the Internet, and Google makes money by increasing the number of users. In India, we have further problems with access to the mobile Internet, but this situation from month to month improves.

Let’s start with the fact that Google offered to make available to all interested parties free Internet WiFi.

At this point, when I first read, I was very surprised. Both Google and Facebook are trying to put HotSpots balloon. Now, all of this comes the project, which is called Google Station. What is most interesting, this project was born in India. At its very beginning, everything was based on the rail. It was then primarily to mount a free WiFi in the courts. The project so liked that Google intends to extend it to the whole world. This means that such hotspots appear at universities, cafes, shops. Well, all in all, does not look like it anywhere. Google wants to cooperate in this endeavour with Internet providers. But this is not the end of the news. It turns out that Google has also prepared a software facilities for people who have a problem with the network connection. This is about the data saving function in Chrome. It turns out that now this functionality reduces the weight of the video by 67% and allows greater use of the potential sites based networks even those who have internet dubious quality. Chrome can also save pages in the phone’s memory. It is a feature especially for those who sometimes have no web. All of this can be found soon in Chrome 54, when the only version will be stable. Google plans to release it on the market for about a month.


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