Most of us can not wait for the premiere of the first 5G smartphones. However, new generation networks will not be built just for the fast Internet on your phone. Operators also want to reach customers who need a fast Internet connection at home. Here, in turn, 5G modems will be needed with an integrated external antenna that plug into the Wi-Fi router. Recent reports from Australia indicate that Nokia has been producing this type of device.

One of the applications of the 5G network is competition with fixed internet providers. The new technology will be able to successfully replace the fiber Internet. This solution will be appreciated by residents of towns where operators are not profitable to lay down a new fiber infrastructure. At the same time, we must also remember about (justified) worries related to the 5G range. Here, in turn, devices like CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) will help. In a nutshell, it is a set consisting of a directional (or omni-directional) external antenna, a 5G modem (most often it will be an integral part of the antenna), an Ethernet cable and a Wi-Fi router. The key to success here is the directional antenna, which ensures the reception of a strong signal even at a large distance from the base station.

Nokia has already successfully tested 5G using its own CPE kit

So far, the only producer who openly boasted about its own 5G CPE was Huawei. In turn, FCC tests indicate that Samsung has also prepared its own 5G router. Now Nokia joined the group of home 5G equipment manufacturers. You probably wonder what the Nokia 5G router can do.

The Australian operator Optus shared some information about the latest tests. The company transmitted data using 5G devices operating at 3.5 GHz band. During the test 60 MHz radio block was used. However, we do not know the achieved speed. We only know that the Australian 5G will allow simultaneous operation of multiple devices and streaming video in Ultra HD. The most important of all is that Nokia is entering the market of hoem devices. This means that the Finns will be able to offer their clients (i.e. mobile carriers) all the devices that are necessary for the commercial implementation of 5G network.

Source: Optus