Currently, operators from all over the world are investing in their LTE-Advanced networks, i.e. so-called 4.5G. However, telecommunication companies think very serious about the next-generation networks – in this case it is 5G. But for now, manufacturers of base stations and core network elements can not work in this project alone. The best results are achieved when they cooperate with operators. So from this moment, Nokia wants to increase cooperation with Orange Group. Thanks to this, the first 5G networks will be launched in 3 years.

Many people can not even imagine applications of 5G network. Nokia and Orange want to work on products and services, that currently could not be provided via wireless networks. At the same time I do not mean here only super-fast mobile Internet. 5G network will find use mainly in industry. But before that happens, the operator and the supplier of new solutions must work together to plan the transition period between the current 4G networks and future 5G.

Researchers from Nokia and Orange will cooperate in the development of 5G network.

The cooperation will take place between Orange and Nokia Labs Bell Labs and has to rely on creation of innovative platform. Everything will happen between Nokia’s Paris and Lannion (eastern France) departments and Orange laboratories in Ch√Ętillon (town near Paris) and Lannion.

On what engineers from Nokia and Orange will work? 5G is primarily a new frequency band with wide transmission channels. First 5G modems will operate at 28 GHz frequency with aggregated bandwidth of 800 MHz. Another point is the massive MIMO transmission, or use of more antennas at the base station and the simultaneous transmission to multiple users at once. Orange is also interested in research on the transfer elements of the radio network to the so-called cloud. This will provide virtualisation and better utilization of hardware resources. Thanks to this, 5G network will be almost without delay, where known by all ping will have just 1 ms. As you see, the fast Internet connection does not mean only high throughput, it is also about low latency.

5G infographic

Source: Nokia


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