We have been hearing about 5G tests for several years. However, until now we have usually dealt with tests carried out with the help of specially prepared test platforms. However, the most important are those tests in which compatibility between devices developed by different suppliers is checked. Nokia and Qualcomm have recently announced that they have confirmed the interoperability of their solutions that will soon be on the market. This means that both companies are ready for 5G networks compliant with the 3GPP 5G NR Release 15 standard.

The 3GPP standard describing the first 5G networks was approved in December last year. Nokia and Qualcomm had to act very quickly to confirm their products’ compliance with the standard. The principle of operation is simple here. At the beginning, each company works on its device (Nokia prepares the base station, and Qualcomm user terminal), which tests internally for compliance with the standard. Then, engineers from both companies carry out joint tests, the purpose of which is to confirm the compatibility of both products. Nokia showed in this way that their base station called AirScale is ready for 5G. However, Qualcomm proved that it has the technology needed to build smartphones with 5G modems.

Nokia and Qualcomm will soon start 5G tests with operators

The tests were carried out using frequencies in the 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz bands. The construction of the 5G network in these bands are interested in operators from the United States, China, Japan, Korea and Europe. Therefore, Qualcomm and Nokia have already agreed to launch joint tests of the 5G NR network in 2018 with the following operators: BT/EE, Deutsche Telekom, Elisa, KT, LGU+, NTT DOCOMO, Optus, SKT, Telia and Vodafone Group. In turn, the first commercial networks are to be ready already in the middle of next year.

Source: QualcommNokia