VoLTE is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using the 4G LTE network. Unfortunately, not everyone can take advantage of its advantages, because a suitable telephone is required. However, VoLTE is attractive not only for customers, but also for operators. This is convinced by Nokia, which provides base stations for the most-important operators in the world.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of people using mobile networks do not realize how revolutionary the introduction of VoLTE technology by individual operators. It is much easier to understand the benefits of expanding LTE-Advanced base stations that offer faster data transmission. However, we forget that the phone is mainly used for calling. Thanks to VoLTE, voice calls are made faster and the voice becomes crystal clear. This is possible due to the transmission of IP packages with a quality guarantee (i.e. QoS – Quality of Service) and the use of broadband speech codecs. The implementation of VoLTE also means benefits for the operator.

VoLTE is mainly larger network capacity and simpler infrastructure

LTE offers twice as much spectral efficiency as 3G/HSPA technology. In the case of 2G GSM this profit is sixfold. This means that LTE allows you to transfer more data than older technologies using a frequency block of the same width. In the case of voice calls, VoLTE allows you to service twice as many customers as older technologies.

Using LTE to provide data and voice services simplifies the network topology. As a result, base stations can more efficiently manage available resources, and operator employees spend less effort on configuring and managing the network. Thanks to this, the costs associated with maintaining the network are reduced. A simpler network also means reducing the risk of making a mistake that could result in lowering the quality of services provided.

Nokia VoLTE

VoLTE offers HD Voice in its default configuration. Thanks to this, customers are more likely to have longer conversations. This means more interest in offers with unlimited calls. Nokia also points out that VoLTE is just the beginning of the revolution in voice services. The introduction of the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) server to the network, which is required for VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling, enables easy implementation of the Rich Communications Service (RCS). Thanks to this, operators can implement services that enable video calling, multimedia messaging, video sharing, file transfer, etc. As you can see, VoLTE technology allows a lot, but it depends on the operators, how they will use it and what new services they offer.

Source: Nokia