We still are waiting for ultra fast LTE-Advanced mobile Internet in India, but all communication companies are already working on the next generation mobile network, i.e. 5G. Of course, we can not use any new wireless communication technology without suitable terminal with compatible modem. This is very good information that Qualcomm has announced their new Snapdragon X50 5G modem.

According to the statement from Qualcomm, their Snapdragon X50 5G will be the first commercial model designed specially for the next-generation smartphone manufacturers and mobile carriers who would like to perform their 5G testing. The Snapdragon X50 will support 28 GHz band which was already used by Nokia and U.S. mobile carriers for 5G tests.


New Snapdragon X50 5G modem supports up to 5 Gbps downlink transmission speed.

Are you able to image this? This is 5 times more that your laptop is able to handle using the wired 1 Gbps Ethernet interface. This amazing result is achievable thanks to 8x 100 MHz carrier aggregation (800 MHz total bandwidth is used) and 8×8 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) with antenna adaptive beamforming techniques. This means that the cell tower will use beam tracking method in order to determine the user position and concentrate the radio waves in this direction. Qualcomm claims that the connectivity with 5G network will be kept even in non-line-of-sight scenarios. Of course, Snapdragon X50 5G will also cooperate with 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced networks thanks to integrated Gigabit LTE modem.